Mr. Michael Naka
10460/p578448447_3017.gif    Short Bio

BS in Geology & Biology, Cal State Los Angeles
Grade :Level Taught: 7 and 8 Science, Computers
Year Began Work in Garvey: 2006

PTA Founders' Day Award 2010
Science Olympiad Coach
Garvey SD's Alliance of Science Adviser

From a tiny atom and through this gigantic Universe, Science has many instruments that are useful at discovering, measuring, testing and duplicating or vaccinating strange but interesting objects. By finding new and mysterious clues, we learn how things work, what they are composed of, and what they are capable of. A modern student Scientist needs to know how to use instruments, collect data, understand units, and apply the Scientific Method; they must prove the facts and formulas which ancient Scientists were so kind to leave behind. We hope the facts in books are true, but sometimes we find experimental errors; somtimes they are written as Scientific theory or law. Our job in the education business, which includes you, is to bring truth to the notes left by so many important Scientists.

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